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Before Posting
I don’t want to discourage people from posting deals, but simply copying/pasting regular sales aren’t real deals. Get a feel by searching through the forum of what are good prices for the items, and only post if its cheaper than the going price.

What information should I include when I post a deal?
Try to include as much detail as possible in the title. Then expand on it in your post. General info to provide: minimum purchase requirements, shipping and handling costs, and the coupon code. The more information you include, the better.

Shortened Links
Shortened link such as the bitly links aren’t allowed as they can be used by spammers and people hiding the true nature of the page they are linking.

Why is My Post Not Showing?
All posts from members go through a moderation process to protect our members from spammers. How long it take for your post to be moderated depends on how many moderators are on at the time and how busy they are.


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