GALAX PRO Rotary Tool Kit $16.19

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GALAX PRO US via Amazon has GALAX PRO Rotary Tool Kit for $16.19 w/code ZSLYAQKW.

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  • Rotary tools are invaluable to wood-carvers, jewelers, hobbyists; Hundreds of parts and accessories are available for rotary tools to provide a means for drilling, sanding, carving, cutting, grinding, or routing
  • This rotary tool kit is built in with 6 speed levels, ranging from 8,000 to 33,000 rpm to accommodate different types of material; The high RPM values and low torque characteristics of these tools make them good for freehand use
  • Changing bits is quick and easy using the chuck; To remove accessories you need to hold a button on the neck of the tool; One this button is held you can tighten or loosen the chuck that holds the shaft of the inserted accessory
  • The ergonomic and rubberized textured grip allows for more comfortable and easier for me to hold and control; Heat dissipation design protects the engine for longer service life; Hanging loop is found on the back of the unit as allows for easy storage
  • What you get: 1* rotary tool ,4* sanding band, 2* diamond burr drill, 3* drill bit, 1* whet stone,1* mandrel, 1* collet, 2* felt wheel, 12* cutting disc, 10* sanding paper disc, 1* sanding shank, 10* grinding wheel with shank, 1* spanner

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