Professional Steam Inhaler for Face $13.49

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Duolamei US via Amazon has Professional Steam Inhaler for Face for  $13.49 w/code XWMZW9NY.

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  • Nano oxygen ion has an ion spray system, which can directly penetrate into the deep layer of the skin, has good absorption, and makes the skin full of elasticity.
  • Nano spray can quickly open pores, deep clean face, make skin clean and white. Deep removal of dirt, hot spray steam will briefly open the pores in order to more deep removal of facial dirt, so clean and white.
  • Hot steam promotes facial blood circulation and makes skin more rosy.
  • In addition, it can moisturize the face, maintain the balance between the face and water, effectively control oil, make makeup easier and more even.
  • The system automatically shuts down. When the water level in the water tank is insufficient, the device will automatically shut down to avoid burns, and it is safer to use.Warm reminder: The steaming device will be tested with water before leaving the factory. It is normal for the water stains in the machine to be received

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